Mitropower PM8000i - 8000W - 110 kg - 55 dB - Inverter Generator

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The Mitropower PM8000i is a super-silent petrol generator with up to 7500W output for high demand applications like home back up, festivals, foodtrucks or for exhibitions. It has built in wheels to make it more portable. ...More information

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Product description

  • Brand:Mitropower
  • EAN:8720892132321
  • Article number:PM8000i
  • Availability: In stock
  • Delivery time:In stock

The NEW Mitropower PM8000i is the largest inverter frame generator in the range and features electronic fuel injection and eco-throttle facility for exceptional fuel efficiency. Additionally, a sealed fuel tank and the absence of a carburetor means that fuel stays fresher for much longer. The PM8000i boasts electric start and very low noise levels. It will run for up to 8 hours at full load on a full tank of unleaded petrol and up to 24 hours at 25% load. It is equipped with four robust wheels for ease of movement on site, making it a fully mobile generator. Ideal for use on work sites or for basic home or small business backup power. Ideal generator for home backup. Ideal generator for business backup. 


  • Model:Mitropower PM8000i
  • Type:Inverter Generator
  • Max. output:230V / 50 Hz / 7500W
  • Rated output:230V / 50 Hz / 7000W
  • DC output:Yes
  • Engine Type:PM460
  • Displacement:459 cc
  • Rated speed:3000-4500 rpm
  • Fuel capacity:26L
  • Fuel consumption at 75% load:ltr/hr
  • Noise level:55 dB / @ 7 mtr
  • Oil alarm:Yes
  • Dimensions:79 x 66 x 81cm
  • Weight:110 kg
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Service:Service Workshop
  • Accessories:oil can, spark plug wrench

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Bert van de Meulen
Bert van de Meulen Posted on September 1, 2021 16:06

Prima aggregaat!

Jurgen Vreeman
Jurgen Vreeman Posted on August 24, 2021 13:18

Mooi stil aggregaat met inverter technologie, wij gebruiken het op een markt dus het moet wel stil zijn en dat is met dit aggregaat geen probleem.

Tim B
Tim B Posted on May 9, 2021 12:33

The generator has been awesome. Helped to build off grid cabin and then was back up for my small 420 watt solar panel system and solar generator with 200 amph battery. Always starts quickly and fuel tank is large enough to run full day

plus. Very good quality and runs in hot or very cold weather down to -35c no problem. We have ran small electrical cement mixer to pour all foundations. Now we run water pumps, electrical small stove and charge system batteries. I have ran it hard for past 2 1/2 years without no problems.

Norbert Kaufmann
Norbert Kaufmann Posted on November 20, 2020 14:33

Wunderschönes Aggregat von hoher Qualität und viel Power!

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