Honda EU30is Generator with 3000W power and Inverter technology

Honda EU30is Generator with 3000W power and Inverter technology

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A long running generator with 3000W power and Inverter technology, a GX200 OHV 4-stroke engine and a running time of up to eight hours. ...More information

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  • Brand:Honda
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Are you in search of a reliable power source for your camping adventures, outdoor activities, or emergencies? Look no further than the Honda EU30iS Inverter Generator. This high-quality device from Honda delivers world-class performance in a compact and portable design. Let's explore some of the impressive features that make the EU30iS an excellent choice.

Superior Inverter Technology

The Honda EU30iS utilizes advanced inverter technology to provide clean and stable power for all your electrical devices. This means you can connect sensitive equipment like laptops, smartphones, and televisions without worry. The stable power prevents damage from voltage spikes and ensures your devices operate smoothly.

One of the standout features of the EU30iS is its quiet operation. Thanks to its advanced sound-dampening design, you can enjoy power without the noise of conventional generators. This makes it ideal for camping, outdoor events, and even for use in residential areas without disturbing others.

Powerful Performance

With a power output of 3000 watts, the Honda EU30iS is powerful enough to supply multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you need to run an air conditioner, refrigerator, power tools, or lighting, this generator effortlessly provides the required power.

Thanks to the Eco-Throttle feature, the EU30iS automatically adjusts the engine speed to the load, saving fuel and extending runtime. With a 13-liter fuel tank, you can get hours of uninterrupted power.

Portability and Durability

The compact and portable design of the EU30iS makes it easy to transport to any location. Furthermore, Honda is known for its durability and reliability, ensuring you can count on the EU30iS even under the most demanding conditions.

Whether you plan to camp in the wilderness, host an outdoor party, or simply desire peace of mind in case of a power outage, the Honda EU30iS Inverter Generator is the perfect choice. With its advanced technology, quiet operation, and impressive performance, this generator will meet all your power needs. Trust Honda for reliability and quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the Honda EU30iS Inverter Generator or to purchase one for your next adventure!

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  • Model:Honda EU30is
  • Type:Digital Inverter Generator
  • Max. output:3000 Watt
  • Rated output:2800 Watt
  • DC output:12V/ 12A
  • Engine Type:Honda GX200
  • Displacement:192 cc
  • Rated speed:3800 rpm/min
  • Fuel capacity:13 ltr/ 8 hrs.
  • Fuel consumption at 75% load:ltr/hr
  • Noise level:58 dB (7m)
  • Oil alarm:Yes
  • Dimensions:L65 x B48 x H57 cm
  • Weight:61 kg.
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Service:Servicestation available
  • Accessories:Parallel operation cables


D. de Vries
D. de Vries Posted on September 19, 2023 17:22

Super stil, en voorzien van elektrische start. Bedankt voor de goede service!

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