FG Wilson

FG Wilson

FG WILSON is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel generators and gas generators in the world, originally from the United Kingdom. The FG WILSON brand has been owned by Caterpillar since 1996 and is a leading global player in power supplies and generator manufacturing. Over its history, FG WILSON has installed more than 650,000 generators worldwide, which together exceed the total electricity generation capacity in the UK.

FG Wilson's product range includes generators for a wide range of applications, from small generators suitable for domestic use to large remote-controlled energy systems capable of generating electricity and feeding it back into the mains grid.

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Parts FG Wilson

You can also contact Mitropower for parts from FG Wilson and Perkins . If you need parts, you can send an email with the serial number and which parts you need. If you are not yet sure which part it is, you can first request a parts list from us. If you order parts from us, you will always receive original parts, so that your machine is not damaged. We deliver the parts very quickly throughout the world.