FME XG-SF2000ER Generator - Flexible exhaust extension 1 mtr

FME XG-SF2000ER Generator - Flexible exhaust extension 1 mtr

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With this flexible exhaust extension of one meter for the FME XG-SF2000ER, you can easily extend the exhaust to a place wherever you want. ...More information

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Product description

  • Brand:FME
  • EAN:7435106133148
  • Article number:41138
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Flexible exhaust extension

The flexible exhaust extension for the FME XG-SF2000ER is made of stainless steel and can tolerate a maximum temperature up to 600 degrees Celsius. You can easily bring the exhaust of the FME XG-SF2000ER wherever you want.

Because the FME XG-SF2000ER exhaust extension is flexible it bends easily and it is resistant against vibrations. It also mutes the sound of the FME XG-SF2000ER with 5 dB.

- Very strong
- Resistant against vibrations
- Flexible
- Resistant against 600 degrees Celsius
- Edelstahl

Other sizes on request!


  • Model::HA70VER
  • Length:100 cm
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Max. temperature:ca. +600°C


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